So, in order to understand me and my posts, it would probably be really helpful to read this!  There are some not-so-proud-of-things I am going to reveal here so please enjoy my honesty? Maybe? I’m not putting anything up here for pity, I just simply want to have a beautifully, painfully, liberating blog that can help me and maybe other wanderers out there.

Life has not turned out as I had planned.  I know what you’re thinking, it doesn’t for anybody.  We all eventually find our way, but I seem to be having a harder time.  Maybe it’s a good thing, maybe all of my hardest times will be at the beginning of my adult life? Who knows.  I am a musician living in a very small town who just can’t seem to see the light at the end of the tunnel…yet.  Now I’m going to get serious for a few minutes and let’s just hope this is the last time we encounter such seriousness in this blog.  I’m certain that there is someone in this enormous world, just at least one person, that can relate to me on some level.  Every road I have traveled down has sent me no where.  In 2011, I had decided to just give up. I didn’t want to go on in this world, with this life.   Ok wow, that was a big deal and I put it out there, but a lot of us have been there. This is also the first time I think I’ve ever admitted it to anyone but myself, so go easy on me.  Well in 2012 I decided that I was meant to be here for whatever reason.  If I am going to live, I have to figure out how to really LIVE.  So this brings us to the present, the here and now, me, you, and this blog.  So now that the icky stuff is out of the way you may be thinking, “What in the heck is this girl’s blog about anyway?” Excellent question, friend.  Well mostly it’s about acceptance and moving on, but I’ll probably bore you with musings on weight-loss, nutrition, and fitness.  They are the biggest factors to my new life and maybe we can all grow together. Also, I will make you look at pictures of my dog.  Get over it, she is precious.


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  2. it may be only 22 lbs but you look good!! motivates me to keep going!! I just did 2 miles and now eating a healthy dinner!

  3. Thanks for sharing! You’re doing great! I just put my before and after (I’ve lost 80 lbs!) pics on my Facebook…it was a great reminder of how far I’ve come! Keep up the great work 🙂

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