We’re all pretty level headed people, but we can’t help but compare ourselves to others from time to time.  It happens, but as long as it’s a fleeting thought, we can manage a healthy mental life.  Although we hate to admit it, jealousy can be a huge proponent to derailing your weight-loss efforts.

For some people losing weight can be unbelievably difficult.  I of course am one of those people and am certainly not immune to jealousy.  In all honesty (that’s what we do here, talk about the stuff we would rather not), I feel the pangs of jealousy every time I have a friend talk about how they lost 15 pounds on their first month of weight watchers.  I get jealous when I hear of someone who lost a hundred pounds by walking everyday. I get really jealous when I hear of someone who lost an incredible amount of weight by just giving up soda.

I put it out there, don’t judge me.

The truth is jealousy is an incredibly useless emotion.  It is counter-productive in every way.  The only way to change your body and to love your body, is to constantly feed it positive vibes.  Your perception of yourself has an incredible impact of the health of your mind and the results you gain.  Example? Okay, if you insist. This weekend the scale read 213 pounds (which if you go and look at my weight-loss stats, you will see this is a good thing), but when I looked in the mirror, I swear I thought I looked like I gained back all of my weight.  Why? because I was letting negative images into my brain.  I compared myself to others and what happened? I saw myself as a failure, and my mental image of  failure is being 239 lbs again.

Does that happen to you? Does your opinion of yourself affect your eyes? Does it affect what you see in the mirror?

I’m certain I’m not the only one and even though I view myself as having a positive self esteem, little monsters still like to creep up from time to time.  To be successful in this game, you have to approach it positively, if you approach it with negativity, you will not get anywhere.  Why would your body respond to hate? Nothing good can come from it.

When I’m really upset, I always write down what I am feeling.  I fold up the piece of paper, put it in a safe place, and revisit it in a few days. I highly suggest this to anyone who wants to figure out what they are really feeling.  When I go back and read what I wrote, 90% of the time I laugh about how ridiculous I was being.  The other 10 % of the time, I am able to analyze why I’m feeling that way and how it is affecting my life.

Think first, act second; it’s the only way to stay level headed and make good decisions.

So when you feel jealous towards that friend who eats fast food daily and still weighs 120 pounds, analyze your feelings.  Take a moment and think about what you have gained by being healthy.

It’s easy to say “just forget it, it’s not worth it. I would rather eat that cheeseburger than have to work my tail off.”  Health is more than calories and weight…it is about giving your body the best.  It is about treating yourself with respect and building a strong body.  Success and health are not always measured by weighing 120 pounds.

Also you have to remember that things are not always as they seem.  Jealous of someone’s quick and easy weight-loss? hope the best for your friend, but remember, slow, steady, and healthy really does win the race.

Health and Happiness,



About allthatwander

Food lover. I feel like that's enough, but what's that? you want to know more? Well, give the people what they want; That's what I always say. Honestly, I can't think of one time I've ever said that, but now I will say it all of the time. Obsessed with creating the most beautiful and tasty food that anyone and everyone can enjoy. Recipes are often paleo based, but they're so good, everyone should eat them! Like now, I'm serious, get in that kitchen NOW! In addition to good food, you get to read my musings on nutrition, fitness, weight-loss, and some life-stuff. I hope you all enjoy an excellent blog, written in my best 4th grade writing skills. Enjoy!

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