Food Allergies Making you Sick and Fat? How Would you Know?


I was flipping through the channels this afternoon (daytime tv…bleh) and I came across Dr. Oz.  Now I’m no Dr. Oz fan, but he had Dr. Hyman on the show that was talking about milk allergies and how many people who have them, don’t even realize it.

I was so excited about this.  I was just talking about this the other day in this post (hint: it’s listed in #3).  My poor mother has been through a mess with her food allergies.  She has paid thousands of dollars in appointments with specialists and allergy tests to be told this valuable information:  If it makes you sick, don’t eat it.  Yep, you heard it, the best doctors money can buy and this is the best info they had to offer her.  Now to be fair, my Mom’s immune system is very strange.  It will turn on her in a minute and her allergies change about every 3 months.  That is quite a disheartening diagnosis, but she gets by.  I really wish she would just try the paleo diet, I really think it would cure her immune system problems, but I don’t blame her for not wanting to try anything new.  If food put me into anaphylaxis, I would be afraid to mess with my eating habits too.

I am no doctor.  I will put that out there plain and simple.  I am simply providing information that I have gathered through personal experiences, research, and experimentation. I have mentioned before that I could not lose weight until I gave up milk.  My milk allergy was making me fat and keeping me fat! Even worse, it was making me sick.

Let me talk about my personal milk allergy for a minute.  I had no clue that dairy made me sick until I gave up processed food and grains.  Once the junk was out of the way, my body let me know that milk was making me sick. Since  there was nothing in my diet masking dairy, I could easily identify the problem.  I had terrible gastro-intestinal reactions to dairy products and I have never been happier since giving it up.  Still think it’s normal to get sick after eating? Since I gave up dairy, I have not felt sick  after a single meal.  Fullness is a completely different sensation than stomach sour-ness and bloating.  Another fun fact, I have no more bloating.

So when we think of allergies, what do we think of? Most people think of hives, itching, and well, anaphylaxis.  You know how after a meal you might feel bloated, distended, and maybe a bit sick? I am here to tell you that is not normal.  You never think that might be a food allergy.  We all tell ourselves that we ate too much or the food was too greasy or you had too many sweets.  While this may be true, if you are getting sick under normal eating circumstances, you should really consider the idea of a food allergy.

Now allergists, immunologists, allergy testing, and the like are quite expensive and they don’t always have the answers.  Let me make myself clear, I am by no means suggesting that you should not go to the doctor.  All I’m saying is that if you have an idea that something is making you sick, eliminate it and see what happens.

So where do you start? Couldn’t everything I eat be a possible allergen?  Well, yes that is why this next step is extremely important.

I apologize to my regular readers, I know this is redundant but it is so important.  The first thing you have to do is stop eating junk.  Do not eat anyhting processed.  Your meats should be organic. NO PRESERVATIVES. Sorry for the caps, but I mean it.  Eat real food that you can get as close to coming right off the farm as possible….well an organic, anti-antibiotic, hormone free farm.

Now good for you, you stopped eating dangerous food, What’s next?  Start with common allergies: Wheat, milk, eggs, nuts, soy.  Eat varied meals with few ingredients so you can easily indentify what is making you sick.

These processes are frustrating, I’m not going to sugar coat it for you, but it can completely change your life.

Still having problems? You might be having serious problems with your immune system. This is the point where you should see a doctor, but like I said, they may not have all of the answers for you.

I most certainly believe in eliminating grains from your diet.  Why would someone do that? Because grains mess with your immune system AND they are inflammatories.  Check out this source to learn more about the dangers of grains.

Here is the big kicker.  If you have a food allergy it can be displayed on your body in various ways.  Some ways that you wouldn’t even expect. Maybe you can’t lose weight.  Maybe you have acne (this is often associated with a milk allergy), maybe your heart rate feels elevated after a meal.  Now of course these symptoms are not mutually exclusive to allergies, but if these things start to add up, you should certainly look into it.

If something is making you sick stop eating it, see I just saved you thousands of dollars at an immunologist.  My point is, the best (and cheapest) allergy testing you can do is on yourself.  You will not hurt yourself, you might drive yourself a little crazy, but if you get educated you can make a difference in your life!

Health and Happiness,



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