Hash Stuffed Sweet Potatoes


Healthy life dilemmas.  If you interact with people, at all, you know what I’m talking about.  This world does not want us to be healthy.  Friends and family members do not want you to be healthy.  Let’s back up for a minute, that sounds really harsh right?  I know there are wonderfully supportive people in this world who make our lives better, but let’s be honest, what percentage of these people make up our influences?

I live in the south, and often times, people in the south are extremely opinionated about their food.  You have to have the fried, the ridiculously over-cooked vegetable, and if you serve a meal without a biscuit, you might as well move north.

So how do you not offend the people who mean the most to you?  Well that is not an easy question, but you can’t exactly worry about it.  As long as you stay polite, stay positive, and don’t judge people who aren’t eating the way you think they should (you will never win anyone over by looking down on them), you just can’t worry about anything else.  People will get offended, but most of the time it is their personal issue and not yours.

What is worse than offending someone? Making them feel bad because they haven’t prepared something you would consider eating.  I want to be healthy, but if I have to sacrifice one meal out of hundreds of meals, to save someone’s feelings, I certainly will.  I do all of the cooking at my house, so honestly I rarely run into these problems.  My family is cheap so we very rarely go out to eat, this also helps.

Going out to eat.  If we want to have people in our lives, we pretty much have to go out to eat and some point.  It is the height of social interaction.  My entire family goes out to dinner every Sunday night.  There really is no way for me to get out of this.  As I mentioned earlier, my family is cheap.  Every Sunday night, we go to the fast food joint of their choice.  I am highly anti-fast food, so this has become a struggle.  This would be much more of a challenge if I was still tempted by these foods, but luckily, I am completely disgusted by them.  At most places, I have found something to nibble on.  Usually it is some kind of salad with no dressing.  It’s not ideal, but no one in the family seems to notice that I can’t stand their food choices.

Last night, it was unavoidable.  I offended, well worse, I made someone feel bad that they took me to a restaurant that I am greatly opposed to.  McDonalds gets such a bad rep, and for good reason, but do you know what I think is worse? Taco Bell.  That is where we ended up last night and there was absolutely no option that I would even consider putting in my body.  So what did I do? I got a cup of water and just chilled.  I tried to stay really optimistic about it, I wanted everyone to realize that I didn’t care that I had to wait an hour or so to get home to eat.  Well my grandfather was bothered by it, he kept offering to take me to get a spicy chicken sandwich from Hardees, because it was healthier…..

Can we talk about another problem about going out to eat?  The way it is prepared.  So you’re excited about that broiled fish or grilled chicken?  Excited that you found something that will work for you?  Well, I don’t know about where you live, but almost everything here is cooked in butter.  As I’ve mentioned, I don’t do dairy products.  If you’re paleo, you definitely don’t do dairy.  So don’t be afraid to ask if they have some olive oil laying around that they could cook it in instead.  So go out into the world and find a place that you love.  A place that is willing to cook to your tastes (within reason).  When your friends want to go out, don’t be afraid to speak out and suggest your place first.  Most of the time, people don’t care where they go just as long as they get to be with the people they love….and the food is good.

The bottom line is, your health is always more important. Obviously if someone slaved over a stove to cook me a delicious meal, I can’t in good conscious turn it down.  I will never have a problem turning down Taco Bell, or that spicy chicken sandwich from Hardees.

On the other hand, if I ever go to Mario Batali’s restaurant, I will have pasta.  If I ever go to Turkey, I will have Baklava.  If I ever go to France, I will have pastry and try every cheese the country has to offer.  Why? Umm because it’s something that is important to me.  Never sacrifice things that really matter.  This being said, It is unlikely that I would have the opportunity for any of those, and of course if I did, it would certainly be in moderation.  Another thing to be said about these foods, is that it is real food.  It may not fall in line with my lifestyle, but I know I would be putting something of quality into my body.

Long story short? Stay home, eat this, and be satiated with your food and your life.  Enjoy!

and then break that yolk….mmmmm

Hash Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

A delicious roasted Sweet Potato stuffed with a wonderful Sweet Potato Hash.  Then to top it all off, a perfectly cooked egg with a runny yolk.

Makes 4 servings

2 baked sweet potatoes (roast in oven at 400F for 45 minutes)

8 oz. sausage ( I almost always use turkey sausage, but most importantly, make sure you are getting a quality sausage, or make it yourself!)

1/2 large apple, cubed

1 small onion, thinly sliced and caramelized (cook in a saute pan over low heat with some coconut oil until brown and sweet)

1 clove of garlic, minced

dash of crushed red pepper flakes

1/8 tsp cinnamon

juice of 1/2 a lemon

4 eggs, sunny side up

1.  Cut sweet potatoes in half, remove most of the sweet potato flesh from the halves.

2. Brown sausage over medium high heat, once the sausage is fully cooked, add garlic and crushed red pepper. Saute for about a minute.  Add apple, sweet potato flesh, and cinnamon and saute until apples are slightly softened.  Finally, add the caramelized onion and mix until combined.

3.  Squeeze the juice of half a lemon into the mixture.  Scoop the mixture into the hollowed out sweet potato shells.  top the sweet potato with your best sunny side up egg! Don’t like a runny yolk? prepare your egg anyway you like or leave it out all together.  The food you eat should also be the food you love best.


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